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Smart Move Discussion Paper focuses on Smart Urban Mobility in Latin America

The significant growth in population that Latin America has experienced in the last years has led to a major expansion of urbanisation and consequently to high levels of traffic congestion and pollution. The Smart Move Discussion Paper on Smart Urban Mobility in Latin America provides a comprehensive overview of these issues and points out specific areas for improvement. The study focuses on three main areas: Smart urban mobility, Intercity and long distance regular lines by bus and coach and Group tourism by coach.

Latin America counts on the largest network of Bus Rapid Transit in the world with a share of 62 % of the total passengers carried, however this is not enough to respond to the increasing demand of mobility. Policies in various aspects such as infrastructure, traffic management, road safety or investments need rethinking. There is also a great need for efforts to improve and promote mobility between urban centers and the mobility of visitors by coach. Benefitting from stronger attention by policy makers, these services could significantly contribute to the economic and social development of the region.


Read the pdf Smart Move Discussion Paper to discover more.



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