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Smart Move Blog-Forum on-line at www.smartblog.travel!

Smart Move campaign now has an on-line interactive blog-forum at www.smartblog.travel where you can join and share opinions through blog articles and forum discussions. Smart Blog is developed and maintained by Busoperators.org, the on-line media sponsor of the Smart Move campaign. 

The blog-forum is available in English, French, German and Italian, and is organized in 6 sections corresponding to the main themes of the Smart Move campaign, which are: Smart Move, Safe, User-Friendly, Green, Efficient and Affordable.

Smart Move, the section dedicated to the campaign itself, is where you can follow the latest developments about the campaign and write comments, suggestions and engage in discussions about the campaign and its activities.

The 5 sections entitled Safe, User-Friendly, Green, Efficient and Affordable are where you can read or write blogs and comments about these 5 aspects of buses and coaches, but especially write about how you, your company/organization or your products/services contribute to these 5 aspects. Likewise, you can read interesting stories of best practices and discuss them with the actual people who make them come true.   

In Smart Blog, by submitting a blog article, you do not only contribute to the campaign, but you also have the chance to feature your company/organization as the article sponsor by submitting your logo and URL along with your article, thus allowing readers to get further information by visiting your website and contacting you.

You can start sharing now! We look forward to hearing about what you do and how you do it!

Join Smart Movers on www.smartblog.travel.

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