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Smart Move’s objective in line with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Efficient, affordable, environmentally friendly and safe mobility for all could be achieved by significantly increasing the use of buses and coaches worldwide. This Smart Move message was passed by IRU to the thousands of people participating these days in the UN‘s Habitat III conference taking place in Quito, Ecuador.


Transport is at the heart of Habitat III’s New Urban Agenda which will guide sustainable urban development over the next 20 years. The UN recognises that the accomplishment of the Sustainable Development Goals will rely on progress made in transport and mobility.


The work performed by the different Smart Move High Level Groups IRU established in different parts of the world is well aligned to this global effort aimed at achieving sustainable mobility for all.


These Smart Move High Level Groups bring together public and private transport stakeholders to jointly develop action plans and

recommendations to address mobility challenges specific to the geographical regions they operate in and to help to substantially increase

the use of collective road transport. Three such High Level Groups currently function in Europe, the CIS countries and India with several

others planned for the near future.


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