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Smart city, smart buses

A Smart City has to have a smart bus network, and this implies one that is easy to understand, intuitive, faster and better connected, so travellers can save time and move around the city in a simpler and more sustainable manner. What is more, bringing on board improvements to technology ensures the system is managed more efficiently: “right-of-way” traffic lights, transfer points, in-bus and bus stop information, smart management to improve speed, frequency and service provision across the city, as well as the optimisation of resources based on people’s needs.


Barcelona has therefore decided on a New Bus Network based on vertical, horizontal and diagonal routes, whereby if you are a regular user of this mode of public transport you will no doubt already be informed and benefiting from the improvements that have been made.


The New Network was first introduced in 2012 with the launch of the first 5 routes were. In 2013 a further 5 routes were introduced. The implementation continued during 2014 with actions being carried out in four lines, among which three were newly created. This year, the deployment will continue: three new high-feature bus lines were created this autumn. With this incorporation, 16 out of the 28 planned lines will be working.

The management of information related to the new system will also be carried out in a smart manner, whereby the impact of changes to public transport on users is reduced, above all or groups such as children and the elderly.




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