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Siemens launched the e-BRT system


Following the news on BRT systems, Siemens unveiled its new system of transportation, e-BRT, equipped with the guidance system, Optical guide (Optiguide) and an automatic energy recharge at the launch of Public Transport Day September 15, 2010, and the Mobility Week of September 16 to 22.


The main innovation on this bus is its ultra rapid energy transfer which only takes twenty seconds, the time for passengers to board and leave the bus. This system called the "bottle feeding", is a good way to avoid the overhead contact line between the stations.


According to Siemens, the efficiency of e-BRT would be more than twice that of combustion engines and hybrids, with electric traction and recovery of kinetic energy during braking. The town of Montbeliard in France has expressed their interest for in this new system for its network of city bus.


  Read the news on Mobilicites.com (in French only)


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