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Real Time success in Wellington

25 October 2012 - Real Time Information (RTI) at bus stops has been a success, according to a report from New Zealand’s Greater Wellington Regional Council.  Since RTI is available via the Metlink website, traffic has increased by 13.5% and bus stop information page views have increased by just over 60% over a year. Over the same period, visits to the Metlink mobile website increased by 174% and page views increased by 253%.


Although the review is not finalised, it has been suggested that the display screens should be pole-mounted. The revised design will also improve the legibility of the screens in bright sunlight. Even blind people can use the RTI display signs, as they have audio capability. While RTI has allowed to expose issues such as excessive early running on some routes, and errors or duplication in existing databases, customer feedback is positive, welcoming the system as an essential and timely addition to the Metlink network, the council says.



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