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Planes grounded because of a volcanic ash cloud, trains full or on strike

At the request of the French government subsequent to the blockage at airports, planes that could not take off because of volcanic ash and full trains or trains on strike, the French passenger transport federation FNTV (Fédération nationale des transports de voyageurs) had begun, on 17 April, to estimate available coaches and drivers who could come to the rescue of passengers stranded because of the ash cloud from the volcano Eyjafjöll and the resulting closure of airports. Coach operators, members of FNTV, were able to mobilize, in less than 12 hours, more than 25.000 seats (32.000 seats mobilized up until Monday 19 April) and assured the 24-hour a day transport of passengers. Coaches were immediately able to meet the demand of stranded airline passengers and rose to the challenge of returning them back to France.


Read the press release  fntv_communique_de_presse_avril_2010.pdf (147.4 KB)

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