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Amphibious Tour Bus Makes Its Debut in Amsterdam

If you see a sleek blue bus rolling into an Amsterdam canal near the Nemo Science Center in Amsterdam, it’s no accident. The Floating Dutchman, which began service last month, is a tour coach and canal boat rolled into one smart ride.

The amphibious buses are targeted for passengers who have at least four hours between connecting flights. The tour, which lasts two hours and 45 minutes, starts on the highway, travels through the city center and makes its splash near the museum, usually to a crowd of cheering onlookers. The canal portion of the ride is fully ele

ctric, powered by 198 batteries charged during driving.

“A lot of places have Duck Tours, but those use old army vehicles,” said Freek Vermeulen, the managing director of Great Amsterdam Excursions. “This is a real touring bus, with a license to be on the road and in the water.”


The company might eventually pick up and drop off passengers in the city as well, but for now the focus is at Schiphol, where 42 percent of passengers transfer and at least a million of those a year have more than a four-hour wait, Mr. Vermeulen said.



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