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#33 - September 2013        


As summer is slowly coming to an end some great events are coming up including the 3rd IRU/EU Road Transport Conference in Vilnius on 16 September and our upcoming 8th Bus & Coach Forum at Busworld Kortrijk. Plus, there’s still time to show us your creativity by participating in our "Take a smart shot" photo contest for your chance to win some awesome prizes and end summer with a blast.


In this month’s newsletter, see whether public transport should be sexy or not, and how buses can curb road deaths as cities grow. Also learn more about the booming trend towards greener buses, including Bonn’s goal of becoming the first European city with fully-electric public transport, and an innovative multimodal bus/bicycle combination on France's Reunion island that will no doubt attract new bus users.


We invite you to grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy the latest bus and coach news from around the world!


- The Smart Move team 








Join us at the 8th IRU European Bus and Coach Forum

28 August 2013

Some 250 representatives of the tourism and travel industry, Members of the European Parliament, national competent authorities, European Commission officials, bus and coach manufacturers, researchers, and specialised journalists from all over the world will debate the current and future contribution of group tourism by coach to seniors’ and out of season tourism and travel in Europe and beyond.

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Smart Move Workshop calls for multi-modal cooperation on passenger terminals to ensure sustainable mobility

05 September 2013

The Smart Move Workshop on Passenger Transport Terminals held in Latvia today, stressed the need for bus and coach operators to be given free access to other transport modes’ terminals in order to provide seamless multi-modal sustainable travel services to customers.

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Buses can curb road deaths as cities grow

03 September 2013

As urban populations swell, city planners must bolster bus and other public transport systems if we are to reduce traffic accidents.

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Bonn aims to become Europe’s first city with fully-electric public transport

12 August 2013

Bonn’s public transport company SWB has been engaged in electric mobility for a while. The outcome of an electric bus network feasibility study is anxiously awaited in December: the goal is to become Europe’s first city with a fully-electric public transport network.

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Do we really need sexy mass transit vehicles?

10 August 2013

Cities like Wellington have a strong case for choosing BRT over light rail when it comes to transit expansion, especially when looking for an efficient and low cost solution. Plus, riders may ultimately not really care how sexy a transit vehicle is — provided it picks them up soon and takes them where they need to go.


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New York’s MTA to swap out hybrid bus engines for diesel

05 August 2013

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) plans to pull back on its hybrid programme, swapping out their hybrid engines for newer diesel ones, which have become more fuel efficient than many comparable hybrid cars.

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"Take a smart shot" photo contest

01 August 2013

Don't forget to participate in our Smart Move "Take a smart shot" photo contest running now until 30 September! Make the Smart Bus travel around the world, and photograph some unique shots using the Smart Bus to illustrate one or more of the contest themes. Win awesome prizes and end the summer with a blast!


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Taking the school bus is much safer than the family car? So get your children on board!


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Bus and bicycle: the perfect mobility duo

03 September 2013

Bus company operating on France's Reunion island, offers free bicycle transport to passengers as a new service to promote green mobility.


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3rd IRU/EU Road Transport Conference on "Road Transport Market Competitiveness & Partnership. Transforming Challenges into Effective Solutions for Growth" in Vilnius, Lithuania on 16 September.



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8th IRU European Bus and Coach Forum on "European group tourism by coach: Driving seniors’ and off-season tourism" in Kortrijk, Belgium on 17 October, in partnership with Busworld.


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» Publisher: Juliette Ebélé, International Road Transport Union (IRU)



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