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#12 - September 2011        


As we kick start the Fall season and keep promoting sustainable mobility, mark your calendar and register to the 7th European Bus & Coach Forum, held in the framework of Busworld - the largest vehicle exhibition in the World - to discuss how increased synergies between policies and business practices can help make the entire travel and tourism chain greener. 


As a complement, discover below best practices and initiatives demonstrating how buses and coaches can increasingly compete with cars and trains in terms of efficiency, affordability and environmental-friendliness - be it through incentives, new legislation or...Bus Rapid Transit, times and again. So enjoy your reading, and make the Smart Move!  




7th European Bus & Coach Forum: Register now!

Leading representatives from the EU transport policy and business sphere will discuss best policy and operational practices to further green the entire travel and tourism chain at the 7th European Bus and Coach Forum, held in the framework of Busworld Kortrijk in October 2011.

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'Smart Awards' Winners to be announced at Busworld

The bus and coach industry will present the ‘Bus Excellence’, the ‘City Trophy’ and the ‘Coach Tourism Innovation’ Awards during the Busworld opening ceremony in Kortrijk (Belgium) on 20 October 2011 in the framework of the global Smart Move campaign. These three global awards commend innovation, best practices and excellence in bus operations and coach tourism policies that promote and support sustainable mobility by bus and coach transport.

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Cabotage authorised in France on 230 new internationa coach lines: soon to compete with trains?

France authorises cabotage operations on 230 new coach lines crossing the country within the framework of international journeys – thus reducing the number of empty seats while offering flexible and affordable services. Spanish and Portuguese coach operators have also expressed a strong interest in operating these lines.

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China and Columbia are ahead in Bus Rapid Transit

Bus rapid transit (BRT) ranks among the cheapest and quickest ways to cut CO2 emissions by transportation. According to a study conducted by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), the cities that have delivered the Bus Rapid Transit System most successfully while cutting the most carbon are in South Africa, Colombia, India and China.

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Bus journeys in the UK reach 53-year record high

Official figures from Transport for London (TfL) say the number of journeys made on London buses has reached a 53-year high. Last year, the number of passenger journey reached 2.3 billion, surpassing the previous year by 24 million passengers.

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No frills' gains pace

Safe, user-friendly, green, efficient and affordable: an example of a coach operation that ticks all the Smart Move boxes is Megabus.com in the US. Launched in 2006, the service is the first intercity express bus line dedicated to providing high-quality, low cost travel options to 17 Midwest and 13 Northeast cities.

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Luxury express coach service wins car and train users in Scotland

A luxury express coach service has carried more than 130,000 passengers on its up-market operation since its launch last year.

Scottish Citylink says that 36 per cent of customers previously used their cars, while 31 per cent used to travel by train.

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Make a smart choice: Trade your Transport!

‘Trade Your Transport’, a new initiative from the UK Company Cartakeback.com, encourages people to recycle their older,

more polluting cars and choose a greener form of transport.

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Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) combines the flexibility and affordability of buses with the speed, comfort and reliability of rail?

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First bus driving simulator in France

The first bus equipped to accommodate driving simulator is being tested in France. This mobile training platform, called Cassiopeia, will be used to train 7,000 employees of the group’s 170 members.

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Kortrijk, Belgium, 20 October 2011



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