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#20 - May 2012        



Summer is finally here and so is the May edition of the newsletter for the latest bus and coach news from around the world. This month, learn about how investment in bus networks could be the driver of sustainable economic growth that we all need, find out about the latest rights for bus and coach passengers in Europe, discover how Calgary is getting smart, how taking the bus can not only save you thousands but is also good for your health and the health of our towns and cities, and discover how  coaches are taking on the airplane in India for comfort and service. - So to beat the buldge, beat the recession, get the economy back on the right road and all in the best comfort and style get reading. 

- The Smart Move team



Smart Move for sustainable EU growth

European leaders may seize the opportunity at the EU summit in Brussels in May and June  to boost growth in Europe by actively supporting the Smart Move of doubling collective passenger transport by bus and coach to bring affordable and socially inclusive door-to-door mobility to all at the lowest cost to taxpayers.

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Buses: the smart investment choice for economic growth and employment

A new report by the Institute for Transport Studies and Greener Journeys will show that investing in the bus network mobilises the workforce and boosts spending :as societies struggle to come out of the economic doldrums, buses play a vital role in getting people to work and delivering shoppers to the high street.

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New passenger rights manual published

The international road transport Union (IRU) has published a manual for bus and coach operators on the obligations of bus and coach operators to their passengers as a new EU Regulation on passenger rights will come into force on 1 March 2013. It will further promote increased service quality withion the sector. 

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Public transit users save $9,880 annually

A new report on public transport from America shows that people who make the Smart Move and take the bus save almost $10,000 a year compared to car drivers, due to low fares, high fuel prices, and the high cost of car parking – not to mention the stress of finding a parking spot in the first place.

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EcoManager helps drivers decrease carbon emissions and increase safety

EcoManager uses industry leading technology to monitor driving behaviour, passenger comfort and critical vehicle information to provide fully automated reports on driver efficiency and safety.

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Travel in business: take the coach

Long distance coach services in India have just become much more luxurious with interior design, facilities and seat service that are more reminiscent of aeroplanes than buses.

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Bus station goes solar with £20,000 panel installation

Buchanan Bus Station has been given a £20,000 solar panel system as part of owner Strathclyde Partnership for Transport’s (SPT) commitment to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs.

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...that public transport is good for health? Users are 40% less likely to be overweight, walk three times as much as car drivers and contribute to lower emissions and vibrant communities.


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        Tourists go ape for Krabi bus stops

Calgary improves services through new technology

Calgary Transit is among the first Canadian major urban systems to make use of new technology, such as the online look-up schedules and trip planning tools. SMS notifications already provide users with instant messages about delays or new services and now new technology will help in service management and ticketing too.

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08 – 11 July 2012



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