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#7 - March 2011        


As Smart Move further expands its scope to Spanish-speaking countries, which are playing a leading role in driving sustainable mobility by bus and coach, this month’s issue appropriately looks into the unparalleled advantages of bus and coach transport in terms of energy efficiency, affordability and industry innovations in renewable energy.

Concomitantly, operators, manufacturers and suppliers keep improving the safety and user-friendliness of bus and coach transport by developing ever smarter services, business schemes, campaigns and devices.




Smart Move speaks Spanish
Spanish speaking policy-makers, bus and coach business managers, media and citizens can now make the Smart Move too, as the campaign’s messages have been made available in Spanish. With this new development, the word about how safe, user-friendly, green, efficient and affordable bus and coach transport can now be spread in over 20 countries where Spanish is the official language.

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  Moving Beyond Automobile with Bus Rapid Transit

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) provides faster, greener, safer and more efficient service than an ordinary bus. "These systems operate like a surface subway, say BRT advocates, but cost far less than building an actual metro."


Watch this chapter of “Moving Beyond the Automobile” to learn about the key features of bus rapid transit systems around the world and how BRT helps shift people out of cars and taxis and into buses.

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High gas prices make buses a more affordable option than cars

As oil price continues to climb, taking the bus gets even more affordable compared to taking the car. Gas prices, as noted by the American Public Transportation Association in a recent statement increased 28 cents since the end of February, for a national average of $3.47 a gallon (3.78 litres).

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Buses and coaches drive energy efficiency in Spain
In March 2011, one month prior to the EU’s adoption of the White Paper on the Future of Transport Policy, the Spanish Council of Ministers adopted a comprehensive Strategy for Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency (Estrategia de Ahorro y Eficiencia Energética, EAEE), supported by an awareness campaign on the importance of energy saving. The strategy, which focuses in three main fields: transport and mobility, construction and lighting and electricity consumption, will allow an annual reduction of 12.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.

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Busworld Asia 2011: New Energy Forum and Innovations in Renewable Energy
Faced with increasingly severe environmental pollution, the scarcity of oil and other non-renewable resources and the growing necessity of energy efficiency and emissions reductions, new and renewable energy vehicles have become the latest developmental trend in the bus and coach industry. This year’s Busworld Asia to be held from 30 March – 1 April, will therefore feature the latest innovations in renewable energy and facilitate international exchange and dialogue through “The Global E-Bus Congress”.
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Public buses warn pedestrians to watch their step

A handful of cities in the US are running pilot programs to test an automated voice warning system on buses to alert pedestrians before they cross the street.
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Keeping the noise down for fellow passengers: a user-friendly move

A UK bus company, Arriva Yorkshire, has launched a campaign to make their customers’ bus experience more user-friendly by highlighting the issue of people playing their personal music at levels that disturb fellow passengers, hence a more user-friendly bus experience for their fellow passengers.

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A social network for bus passengers
Kolumbus, a Norwegian transit company, has just launched a social network for buses, which features QR code, a matrix barcode which displays information on bus departures when scanned with mobile phones. This service is aimed at making bus schedules more easily available, through real-time information provided by the QR codes, which have been embedded in more than 1,200 bus stops around the country.
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That noxious emissions from buses and coaches have been reduced by up to 98% since 1990?


Take the Smart Move Quiz and test your knowledge!


Carte Azur: a single ticket for unlimited travel by bus and tram
“Carte Azur”, a single ticket for unlimited travel by bus and tram, was launched on 28 February 2011. The multimodal and integrated new card system will allow travelers to validate their tickets on any bus and tram in the French region of Alpes-Maritime. The card is available on two networks, the Azur Lines and Monaco Envibus at the price of €365 per year or €45 per month.

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Busworld Asia, Shanghai, 30 March 2011


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