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#5 - January 2011        


Entering the Decade of Action for Road Safety, the bus and coach industry has made road safety its top priority for 2011, an objective supported by a series of global awards promoting bus and coach transport best policies and practices that help reduce road traffic and congestion.


The industry’s efforts to provide sustainable mobility are also being furthered in Asian, while bus-shelter designs make our bus experience sustainable all the way. This is all paying back, as bus transport is steadily increasing, so you too make the Smart Move for a smart year 2011!




Smart Move: road safety first

True to the road transport sector’s commitment to support the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, the bus and coach industry has made road safety its top priority objective for 2011, notably by further developing and implementing industry’s road safety best practices and training activities.

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Smart awards: promoting excellence in bus and coach transport policy

The bus and coach industry calls for public and private candidates for three global awards rewarding company and authorities’ innovation, best practices and excellence in bus operation and coach tourism policy to facilitate and further promote sustainable mobility.  
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Busworld Asia announces eco-focused evaluation rules for the BAAV awards

While Busworld 2011 judging parameters for awards will now be divided into two categories (vehicle and company related awards), this year’s award evaluation theme will be centred on the e-bus, alternative energies and environmental friendliness  and will feature a “BAAV theme award” in addition to a “special jury award”.

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Intercity bus service in the USA grew by 6% in 2010

A study by DePaul University shows a 6% growth in bus ridership in the US in 2010, as a result of rising travel demand, escalating fuel prices, investments in new routes, and improved customer service. These factors propelled motor coach travel to its highest level in years and made the intercity bus the country’s fastest growing mode of transportation for the third year in the row.

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33% increase in London’s bus travel

The number of kilometres travelled by London buses has increased by 33 % over the past 10 years to reach 480 million people in 2010, according to the latest Travel in London report released by Transport for London. The number of passenger kilometres has also doubled compared to the beginning of the 1990s.

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Bus Rapid Transit: the future transport system

Many examples of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems are in operation around the world, including Las Vegas, Sao Paulo, Beijing, Brisbane, Bogota, Lagos, Cleveland and many more. Istanbul also adds up to the numerous cities worldwide that has a very successful system in place.  In the Turkish city which constantly suffers from severe traffic congestion, the one million passengers using the BRT save approximately 45 minutes each day.

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Bus shelters new generation: sustainable all the way!  
The sustainability of bus and coach transport is now enhanced by its related infrastructure as bus shelter designs rival in ingenuity.

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Hybrid buses makes Guadalajara greener

In December, two hybrid buses were deployed in Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city in order to allow the city to run more buses with fewer greenhouse gas emissions, while also helping to reduce total vehicle kilometers traveled, congestion, and road injuries and fatalities.

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    Increasing safety for school children

    As road traffic is the main cause of mortality for children under 15 years old, the awareness of the higher level of safety and security of buses and coaches should be resolutely increased. Co-operation between schools, governments and local authorities may introduce school bus routes in order to decrease private car transport during peak hours. 
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    Busworld Asia, Shanghai, 30 March 2011


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