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IRU message on the Bus Excellence Award Winner 2017


IRU has received a range of feedback regarding its decision to confer the Bus Excellence Award 2017 to Malta Public Transport, including some which has questioned Malta Public Transport’s credentials to receive the award.


Malta Public Transport was selected by an international jury composed of mobility experts from around the world out of 15 applications received from Europe, India, Asia and the Middle East.


The international jury assessed Malta’s application based on the following criteria:

  • sustained and cost-effective increase in the number of passengers;
  • initiatives aimed at improving the attractiveness and the use of collective transport;
  • the creation of innovative new lines/services, including on board services;
  • information and marketing campaigns;
  • integrated ticketing systems, including electronic ticketing, SMS ticketing etc.;
  • implementation of quality, safety and/or security schemes;
  • implementation of environment care programmes;
  • implementation of customer care programmes, including for disabled and mobility impaired people etc.

Malta Public Transport’s application included results based on customer survey feedback and scientific passenger data which is monitored on a daily basis. You can view the application here.


IRU’s Smart Move Awards aim to promote excellence in passenger transport at a global level, encouraging all operators in the sector, including winners, to improve the services they provide.


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