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Hybrid buses makes Guadalajara greener

17 January 2011


In December, two hybrid buses were deployed in Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city in order to allow the city to run more buses with fewer greenhouse gas emissions, while also helping to reduce total vehicle kilometers traveled, congestion, and road injuries and fatalities.


The 12-meter buses, with traditional bus diesel engine and an electric motor, will be integrated into Guadalajara’s intra-city bus service operated by state-owned Servicios y Transportes (SyT). The buses feature a system that stores energy in four lithium-ion batteries and a start-stop technology that automatically switches off the engine when the bus is stationary, such as at bus stops, and turns it back on when power is needed to reduce emissions


Daniel Ramirez, SyT’s transport services manager, said that these buses respond to environmental and social problems. They are expected to “reduce carbon emissions by 60 percent compared to conventional diesel buses and allow access for all people, with an access ramp that facilitates the entry of people in wheelchairs or with other disabilities.”


With its new hybrid buses, Guadalajara will join the likes of China, Reunion Island, Taiwan, Australia and parts of Europe.



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