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Bus Rapid Transit: the future transport system


Many examples of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems are in operation around the world, including Las Vegas, Sao Paulo, Beijing, Brisbane, Bogota, Lagos, Cleveland and many more. Istanbul also adds up to the numerous cities worldwide that has a very successful system in place.  In the Turkish city which constantly suffers from severe traffic congestion, the one million passengers using the BRT save approximately 45 minutes each day.


So why did the various city Authorities opt for BRT, a system where specially designed buses use a designated roadway? The system is relatively cheap to construct, €2 million per kilometre as distinct from €400 million per kilometre for Underground Railway and Metro systems. Secondly, it could be constructed and become operational in a short time. Thirdly, the capacity of the route was calculated to be 40,000 passengers per hour, which was twice the figure that could be carried by a light rail system.


Service quality is critical to getting people to give up the comfort of their cars for the efficiency of public transport. So, is there more planners could take from the BRT concept?


Source: Fleet Bus & Coach

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