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Commuting by bus is better for health, scientists say

bus better for health

A group of scientists, including psychologist Dr. David Lewis – the man behind the term ‘Road  Rage’, has been comparing the amount stress involved in bus and car travel and it's come up with some surprising results.


People who commute by bus have been found to have lower stress levels than people who drive a car to work, as bus commuters don’t have to worry about driving or face the agonising wait in traffic.


They observed the heart rate and electro-dermal response (EDR) of thirty commuters, who traveled by bus and car on identical journeys to discover that people commuting by bus had one third lower stress levels!


People driving to work are also at risk of being threatened by long term mental health problems, as traffic jams and bottlenecks can lead drivers to suffer high stress levels and increased blood pressure, which may also lead to strokes and other cardio vascular related risks. So make the Smart Move for your and public health!


  Watch the video on the BBC
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