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Meet the winners of our "Take a smart shot" photo contest

The Smart Move “Take a smart shot” photo contest gave participants the chance to share the benefits of buses and coaches with their social networks by making the Smart Move bus travel all around the world. The contest was a success and even saw the bus travel as far as India! Now, it’s time to meet the winners.


30 September 2013 – Smart Move organised a 2-month-long photo contest to share the benefits of buses and coaches in a fun and interactive way through social media. All participants had to do was download and cut out the Smart Move bus, take a picture of it to help illustrate one of the contest themes, upload the picture to Facebook and then get friends to vote for their entry.


The contest received 16 total submissions, but only 3 lucky winners came away with prizes, which included a pair of Audio Technica headphones, a 50€ SoJeans coupon, a Lee shirt and compilation CDs from this summer’s music festival Workshop Infiné 2013.


Congratulations to Kevin, Stephanie and Sarah for your excellent photos! 


#1 Kevin

'It's time for new discoveries'


#2 Stephanie,

'Our son is learning to walk with
a crocodile and the Smart Move bus

#3 Sarah

'Little bus is going south...'


We would also like to send out a big round of applause to all other contest participants for their unmatched creativity and support in helping us spread the word on why people should make the Smart Move! 


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