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A social network for bus passengers

18 March 2011


Kolumbus, a Norwegian transit company, has just launched a social network for buses, which features QR code, a matrix barcode which displays information on bus departures when scanned with mobile phones. This service is aimed at making bus schedules more easily available, through real-time information provided by the QR codes, which have been embedded in more than 1,200 bus stops around the country.

The bus company still uses printed paper bus schedules, which only provides estimates whereas the QR schedule provides real-time updates. Another service will soon notify those that have scanned the codes of delays.

Kolumbus is also encouraging its patrons to share the codes via Facebook and Twitter, which will enable passengers who share similar journeys to connect with each other. They are fostering a sort of social network for their riders – an  unprecedented move in such an environment.


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