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Busworld Asia 2011: New Energy Forum and Innovations in Renewable Energy

18 March 2011





Faced with increasingly severe environmental pollution, the scarcity of oil and other non-renewable resources and the growing necessity of energy efficiency and emissions reductions, new and renewable energy vehicles have become the latest developmental trend in the bus and coach industry.

This year’s Busworld Asia to be held from 30 March – 1 April, will therefore feature the latest innovations in renewable energy and facilitate international exchange and dialogue through “The Global E-Bus Congress”  which includes the Global Passenger Bus New Energy Forum on the theme “Post World-Expo: Sustainable Development in New Energy Vehicles, Competitive Strategies and Opportunities”.

The E-Bus Congress will strengthen international exchange and dialogue, consolidate the best resources in the industry and advance new innovation in the new energy vehicle market. This wide ranging discussion will include trends in the automotive market and government policies, analysis of industry trends, and the challenges that lie ahead, including the following topics:

•    Developing a Public Transportation Industry with Chinese Characteristics
•    European Government Policies and Emerging Market Opportunities
•    The World Expo Experience: Operations, Technology, Service
•    Government Supportive Policies: Operators and Economic Support Policies
•    Industrialization Policies: the Manufacturing Industry and Industrial Planning

During the congress, government representatives, international experts, large scale public transport operators, bus coach manufacturers, and accessory parts companies in the new and renewable energy field will gather together for an unprecedented meeting of the minds, collaborating together on recent development in the sector both in China and abroad.

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