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Keeping the noise down for fellow passengers: a user-friendly move

18 March 2011












A UK bus company, Arriva Yorkshire, has launched a campaign to make their customers’ bus experience more user-friendly by highlighting the issue of people playing their personal music at levels that disturb fellow passengers, hence a more user-friendly bus experience for their fellow passengers.

Marketing and communications manager at Arriva Yorkshire, Chloe Leach O’Connell, said: “We are always asking for customer feedback and this is an issue that comes up again and again. We have looked at in the past, however we really want to do something that hits home this time and we think that our Shhh! Campaign will do just that.

We are asking passengers to work with us and pledge to keep their personal music at a level that other bus passengers can’t hear. Our ‘Arriva angels’ will be out on services across Yorkshire helping us in our quest by asking customers to place a Shhh! sticker on their iPod or MP3 player and pledge their name to the cause. We all have different musical likes and dislikes, so it’s important that all passengers can enjoy their journeys, also it is an opportunity to highlight the serious effects that this can have on an individual’s hearing.”

To support the campaign simply like www.facebook.com/arrivainyorkshire and then click on the 'Shhh!' tab.


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