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Low emission zones in Europe: Have your say!

The European Commission (EC) has recently awarded a contract to extend the coverage of the LEEZEN website and to convert it into a fully-fledged one-stop-shop for road freight and passenger transport operators.


2 April 2014 – The LEEZEN website has been providing comprehensive information on LEZs in Europe since 2008 but now, thanks to EC funding, it will extend as to include all traffic regulation schemes in Europe such as:

  • Low emission zones  

  • Congestion or other urban road charging schemes

  • Weight and lorry restriction schemes

  • Key targeted access regulation schemes.


The website, with the temporary name of CLARS (Charging, Low Emission Zones, other Access Regulation Schemes), is expected to become operational within one year. 


In order to help shaping the contents of this future single information window for road transport operators, a dedicated CLARS stakeholder questionnaire was developed, which is now available for contributions from interested stakeholders (companies, trade associations etc.) at www.lowemissionzones.eu/stakeholders.


The purpose of the questionnaire is to obtain guidance from users on the desired contents and functionalities of the future CLARS website. At the same time it also aims to collect information on additional issues and information needs that would help coach and truck operators to better service their customers when moving people or delivering goods in European urban areas.


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