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London based gym transforms commuting by bus into a workout session


Photo source: 1Rebel



Bus commuters usually spend their time travelling in many pleasant and interesting ways. Now, thanks to a UK fitness studio, London commuters have one more possibility of making good use of this time: working out while commuting.



The company plans to launch in the early autumn a mobile gym in the form of a bus kitted out with stationary exercise bikes. The classes will last for 45 minutes and the cost will be around £12-£15. If the exercise buses receive the government’s approval, they will be seen on London’s most popular routes. Some of the routes are set to finish at 1Rebel studio where riders can have a shower and refreshments.




People interested in a ride with the “Ride2Rebel” buses can already register to buy a ticket. So far, nearly 8,000 people expressed their interest in trying these innovative vehicles.


Commuting by bus couldn’t get more interesting!


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