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Liberalisation of German intercity coach market brings positive results

According to the latest data published by the German Federal Statistics Agency, the intercity coach market registered a growth rate of 25% in 2015 compared to 2014. This growth is 6 times higher than the second best, air transport.


The liberalisation of the German intercity coach market that happened in 2013 is already showing its positive effects. What is very interesting to note is the fact that the increase in demand is due almost exclusively either to new customers or customers taken out of their private cars (and not from other commercial transport modes).


Since the opening of the intercity coach market in Germany, the image of coach transport in Germany has considerably improved thanks to the unlocked innovative potential of the market in terms of service, price offer and the facility of finding and booking a coach service.


Read also the German Federal Bus and Coach Association (BDO) press release (in German).

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