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Jumping ahead: FBAA launches a nationwide Smart Move campaign

The IRU Member Association in Belgium, the FBAA, was the first to launch a nationwide Smart Move campaign (French /Dutch), with the objective of addressing the main problems Belgian bus and coach operators are facing at home, such as the need for a level playing field in fiscal treatment, the promotion of school transport, the need to recognise the specific nature and needs of the bus and coach industry,  etc. The campaign is part of the global Smart Move campaign, launched in 2009 by the IRU and Busworld. The campaign is carried out in the country’s two main languages – “Bougez malin” for the French, and “Slim op weg”, for the Dutch-speaking community in Belgium. It combines plugs and advertisements published in the general press in Belgium, as well as brochures (FR/NL), stickers and other promotional materials to be placed on the buses and coaches of FBAA Members – the fleet operators. Congratulations!



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