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Greener Journeys deliver: use the campaign toolkit and get the ball rolling!


Following the successful rollout of the national modal shift campaign - Sometimes you can’t beat the bus – in September 2010, Greener Journeys and the UK bus industry has made creative materials freely available to all bus operators and local authorities through an online toolkit.


Launched on 15 June, a web hub provides the various marketing and press adverts, along with radio executions used to support the campaign. It also contains proven materials for delivering modal shift from car to bus, guidelines and recommendations on creating and implementing regionally focused campaigns aimed at encouraging more sustainable travel. 


Campaign assessment surveys looked at passenger trends and travel patterns, general awareness and attitude towards bus travel, buses and related brands, and the propensity for people to use and/or consider using buses as a real alternative to the car:

  • 45% of people who saw the advertising campaign agreed that they are now “a lot more, or a bit more, likely to replace a car journey with a bus journey”
  • 60% agreed that the bus ‘can be better for certain journeys’
  • 64% believed that the campaign was “catchy” with 43% agreeing it was “persuasive”
  • Across all three pilot regions, radio combined with bus side advertising had the biggest effect on getting people to use or consider using the bus as an alternative to the car.






Access Greener Journey’s campaign toolkit



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