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IRU workshop in India to focus on a global vision for buses, coaches and taxis

The preliminary findings of two major studies on the main trends shaping the future of mobility in general, and of buses, coaches and taxis in particular, will be presented to key Indian public-private stakeholders in a workshop the IRU-led All-India High Level Group is organising in New Delhi on 9 May 2017. Attendees will be invited to participate in a constructive discussion. It will aim to define the role and place of passenger transport by buses and taxis in the future mobility ecosystem on the global and Indian scene.


The road transport of passengers is a critical component of the United Nations 2030 Global Sustainable Development Agenda. This seeks to see the world take a sustainable and resilient transport path. Changes to the way we approach mobility of people is vital to the success of this global commitment. Developing countries like India need to address the challenge of rising congestion and pollution and develop a transport system that is efficient and accessible for all. The workshop aims to contribute to this global effort and therefore further advance the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030. 

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