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German officials confirm that buses are the safest form of transport



With 99% of an inspected bus fleet passing with flying colours, the latest report from German vehicle inspectorate, TÜV, has yet again shown what we already know – buses are the safest form of road transport.


25 September 2013 - According to the Germany’s vehicle inspectorate, the bus is the safest form of road transport in the country. "The top position in the security report ‘TÜV-Busreport’ published today, impressively confirms this" said Christiane Leonard, Chief Executive of BDO, the German bus and coach association. Simply put, the safety level of buses in Germany is high, which is rather impressive considering a total amount of some 75,000 buses in the country. This is proven every year with figures from the Federal Statistical Office and the Federal Environment Agency, as well as the TÜV report.

According to the new TÜV report, more than 99 percent of the buses checked meet or exceed safety requirements.  Leonard further commented that, "despite this outstanding inventory we will not rest on our laurels. On the contrary, this is an incentive to do even better, because the safety of our passengers is paramount. Buses are safe and clean and are the transport mode of today and tomorrow".  


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