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Flight delayed? Travel by coach!

As flight delays in America continue to soar in the face of government spending cuts, passengers are learning to make the Smart Move and are taking the coach instead to save both time and money.

1 May 2013 - Since April 21, the US Federal Aviation Administration says some 6,000 flights have been delayed because thousands of air traffic controllers are facing mandatory cuts in hours while others are being laid off, as staffing levels are being cut at critical air traffic control facilities across the country.


As flight delays become more frequent, passengers are choosing coaches as a much better option for many trips. Coaches are safe, reliable, and affordable and many are now equipped with free Wi-Fi and electrical outlets letting you stay connected and productive, while having fun during the trip.


“There are many factors driving growth in the intercity bus transport industry,” says ABA President and CEO Peter J. Pantuso. “Price, value, frequent schedules, comfort, amenities and the growing awareness of the ‘green aspect’ of travelling by bus come into play, but certainly one of those with the next generation of riders is the cool factor associated with some of the new express carriers. And now there is another major factor, the amount of time you might spend waiting for a delayed flight, when instead you could be well on your way in a coach”.

Indeed, coach travel is becoming an increasingly popular way to travel across all age demographics from high school and college age students to older people on a visit to a vacation destination. In 2010, coach companies provided nearly 700 million passenger trips, and with coach travel increasing by about 7.5% every year, you won’t be alone in making the switch from plane to coach.


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