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Wi-fi gets social media on board


A Canadian bus company in the city of Saint John has climbed on board with free public wi-fi on 60 bus fleets. As bus-buddies can now Tweet from the comfort of their vinyl seats, the internet access is expected to increase the use of buses in the city of Saint John.


“One of the goals of providing internet access is to provide eco-friendly, sustainable alternatives for the carless and eco-conscious community of Saint John. That mandate involves getting people out of their cars and onto the lean, green bus machines. Offering wi-fi is another step toward accomplishing that goal” explains Saint John Transit's assistant general manager, Brian Thorne.


The timing couldn't be better: the Saint John University of New Brunswick campus votes February 18 for a universal student bus pass, which would start in September. Under the proposed plan, students would pay a flat fee each semester for unlimited usage of the bus system.  This could solve the university's ongoing issues with parking and congestion on campus.


"Encouraging more young people to use public transit was a big part of the original idea," Thorne says. "Social media has become such an important part of peoples' lives. When you're on the buses for even a short period of time, this service gives you time to check your stuff, or do some work before you even get to work."


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