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Guangzhou, China, wins 2011 Sustainable Transport Award for its BRT System


The city of Guangzhou, China, won the 2011 Sustainable Transport Award for its new world-class Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System that integrates with bike lanes, bike share and metro stations into a collective transport system.


This award, presented by the Institute for Transportation Development Policy (ITDP) on 24 January 2011, goes to a city that made the most progress over the year to increase mobility, while reducing transportation greenhouse and CO2 emissions, and improving road safety.


ITDP Senior Program Director, Jessica Morris, explains that Guangzhou surpassed expectations: the BRT system, which opened in February 2010, carries 800,000 people per day, making it one of the largest in the world. Its interconnectivity with rail and bikes significantly helps make the city more livable.


Other award nominees have also made significant progress in creating an efficient and sustainable transport system, such as:

  • Lima, Peru:  its BRT is the first step towards creating an integrated citywide sustainable transport system
  • Nantes, France: the integration of its bus light rapid transit with its tramway network presents a model of efficient coordination
  • Tehran, Iran: the introduction of congestion charging complements the city’s expansion of its BRT and metro systems

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