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European Coach and Bus Week is redefining industry technical standards

The biennial European Coach & Bus Week (ECW) immediately preceding Busworld Kortrijk has been given a makeover for this year's edition and will see the introduction of five new 'labels' to recognise Safety, Ecology, Comfort & Ergonomics, Styling & Design - an excellent Smart Move! 


24 September 2013 - In the light of Busworld Kortrijk 2013, the biennial competition, European Coach and Bus Week, ECW for short, is redefining itself as it aims to become a platform for all parties that are concerned with the future of the bus and coach industry.


From now on they are fixing to provide insights into future technological developments within the bus and coach industry and their possible impact on mobility. With this information, ECW wants to reach out to different parties, such as policy-makers, bus and coach buyers and even the general public. They seek to highlight the innovative character of the industry, which doesn’t always get the attention it deserves.

There will be a separate competition for bus and for coach, as there was before. It is too difficult to compare these two types of vehicles, since they have a different function and therefore different levels and needs of safety, comfort, ecology and design. However, the midi and mini buses and coaches will not be tested separately.


The ‘Grand Award Coach’ and the ‘Grand Award Bus’ remain the two ECW awards to be won. Every coach and bus that enters will be participating in this competition and will be judged by each expert team of the field juries.


A new addition to these Grand Awards is that now the jury can also grant ECW Labels in the following categories: Safety, Ecology, Comfort & Ergonomics, Styling & Design. Every label will be granted maximum once to the coach and once to the bus with the highest score in that particular category. However, if no vehicle has an exceptionally good score in that category, ECW can also decide to not grant a certain Label.


ECW also decided to add one very special Label for Innovation. And for this part of the competition, manufacturers can also enter with a prototype or demonstration vehicle, since no test drives will have to be performed. However, it must be presented in a vehicle and not in a drawing or scale model. Opposite to the other ECW Labels, the Innovation Label can be granted more than once.


The ECW jury consists of specialist professionals and every president of a field jury group has a very specific expertise and relevant practical experience in judging their category.


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