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EU Smart Move HLG outlines recommendations for smart urban mobility


EU public-private Smart Move High Level Group's 3rd meeting outlines recommendations to double the use of buses, coaches and taxis at final working meeting.


06 December 2012 – The 15-Member strong EU public-private Smart Move High Level Group (HLG) met in Brussels today to discuss its third and final topic, Future solutions for urban mobility and commuting by bus, coach and taxis as part of the public transport chain.


The discussion recognised the vital importance of doubling the use of bus, coach and taxi services for safe, green and efficient urban mobility and covered all key factors impacting the development and expansion of bus, coach and taxi-based urban mobility.


These factors include economic growth, competitiveness, social inclusion, users' needs, legal and administrative frameworks, user charging and taxation issues, infrastructure and intermodality, safety and the environment, city access issues and innovation.


IRU President of the Passenger Transport Council, Yves Mannaerts, said, "Urban mobility, including commuting, is one of the most important aspects of European travel that concerns millions of Europeans. The potential for urban mobility to lead the way in greener, more efficient, growth stimulating sustainable transport options is considerable. Developing recommendations to make that a reality is a vital part of achieving the results that we all need to see and for which we are working".


Among HLG recommendations to double the use of collective road transport are the need to:

  • establish a clear EU policy and business objectives;
  • search for new solutions and innovative ways to fund public transport;
  • promote private sector involvement in public transport;
  • provide incentives for the use of collective road transport vs. the use of private cars;
  • promote the key role of local and regional authorities and cooperation between operators and authorities to determine how to best meet the public’s needs;
  • promote multimodal infrastructure; and
  • provide easy access to information for all, including customers with disabilities.

Initial results of HLG meetings will be released by early 2013 for additional public comments via the HLG webpage. Interested stakeholders and citizens are already invited to comment on the group’s main discussion topics: Intercity and long distance regular lines by bus and coach, group tourism by coach and urban mobility and commuting by bus, coach and taxis.

The final HLG deliverables meeting, to take place on 21 February 2013, will review all three issues as well as the additional comments received to produce a consolidated policy recommendations paper.



Working on the basis that no one has the monopoly on good ideas the group is seeking contributions from external partners to hear their ideas and solutions for targeting congestion reducing polution and doubling the use of use of bus and coach. So if you have something to say then make your voice heard and submit your contribution.

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