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EcoManager helps drivers decrease carbon emissions and increase safety


22 May 2012 – EcoManager, an in-vehicle monitoring system that provides information to the driver via a dashboard aid, uses industry leading technology to monitor driving behaviour, passenger comfort and critical vehicle information to provide fully automated reports on driver efficiency and safety.

The innovation and success of EcoManager has previously been recognised by industry awards for Innovation and a Brake Award for Safety.


EcoManager has a unique driver interface exclusively developed to warn drivers when the engine is approaching inefficiency and, in doing so, can help even the most experienced and professional drivers to drive in a safer and more economic style.


An integrated Passenger Comfort Indicator is also incorporated into the driver’s aid and highlights when the passengers are incurring discomfort through an inappropriate driving style. EcoManager is installed on thousands of buses and coaches across Europe and has resulted in savings of over 12% fuel, 12% CO2 emissions, and 39% fewer accidents.


Bus and coach transport companies adopting EcoManager also benefit from reductions in maintenance costs and improvements in passenger comfort bought about by improved driving techniques. EcoManager is supplied with access to a modern web-based reporting platform which enables management to monitor the performance of their drivers and vehicles. The software has the option of a driver access portal where they can review their own efficiency and safety indexes.

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