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Eco bus stops stimulate change in passenger attitudes

25 October 2012 - Next time you find yourself waiting at a bus stop in Santiago at night, look up and chances are you’ll likely find lights powered by solar energy. Santiago’s bus system Transantiago currently enjoys 1,300 solar LED lit bus stop shelters – and the city plans to install 1,200 more. Today, more than 200,000 commuters can expect their journey to be illuminated by solar LED lighting.


The new project is a result of an opinion poll executed late last year. It found that Transantiago riders were requesting three essential attributes for every bus stop shelter in the city: night lighting, roof coverage, and security.


Now, seven months and 1,300 solar LED light installations later, passengers are expressing a newfound love for their Transantiago bus stops. A survey conducted by Transantiago and the World Bank showed that passengers that frequented stops with the solar LED light systems indicated a more positive perception of their bus service.

This enthusiasm, coupled with energy saving incentives for Santiago municipalities on smaller budgets, has led the Ministry of Transportation to allocate an extra US$4.5 million for the installation of 1,200 new solar LED lighting kits in the future.


“We are improving the quality of service in all aspects. The travel experience of people on public transport begins when they leave home, and continues when they come to the bus stop. That’s where it is important to initiate investments that promote greater safety for our users.” Said the head of Santiago’s transit system.



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