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Dutch cities head towards zero-emission public transport

As of 11 December, 43 completely electrically powered articulated buses have started running in the Dutch cities of Eindhoven and Helmond. This is an important milestone towards the target of 100% zero emission in 2025, issued by the Dutch government.



The bus terminus in Eindhoven has been converted from a single diesel garage into a charging garage, containing 43 charging points. The buses are equipped with a type of pantograph - known for trams and trolleybuses - which can make contact with the charging point. All buses are fully charged in the terminus during night. Buses that run out during the day, can be charged within half an hour. However, the buses that run out of power can be replaced with electric buses that are kept in reserve.



                      Photo source:prnewswire.com

Bart Schmeink, CEO of Transdev Netherlands said, "This is an important step leading to sustainable bus transportation and a glimpse at the future of public transport."


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