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Did you know why London’s Red Buses have White Roofs?








Kerry Constabile, who leads work on cities and regions for United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s climate-change team, says that London has “one of the most advanced climate-adaptation plans in the world,”.                                        

Ten years ago, the Transport for London introduced a programme for the installation of white panels atop the capital’s trademark red buses in the framework of further climate-adaptation plans. More specifically, white panels reflect the rays of the summer sun, thus keeping the vehicles cooler. After 10 years, 98.5 percent of the fleet of 8,700 has white roofs, thus improving the overall conditions for passengers and drivers as well as reducing fuel consumption for air conditioning systems.


Finally, Simon Hughes, deputy director for London at the Environment Agency claims that “Climate change is absolutely at the heart of what we do. We’ve got in place continual monitoring of key metrics of climate change to make sure we’re not sleepwalking into danger.”

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