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CityMobil2 project close to its end



CityMobil2 is an EU-supported research project which is setting up a pilot platform for automated road transport systems. The penultimate demonstration started in Sophia Antipolis, France on 18 January and will end on 31 March. Three mini-bus shuttles with a passenger seating capacity of nine are currently running on a one kilometer route with five stops along the way to test the automation technology.



The project has already been tested in other parts of the world: Rochelle, Lausanne (Switzerland), Trikala (Greece) and Vantaa (Finland). In Greece, operators were able to intervene remotely in situations where vehicles did not know what to do.



  Photo source: www.citymobil2.eu

The vehicles show an improving ability to take account of their environment, being programmed to stop whenever they encounter an obstacle (car, pedestrian, cysclist) in their path. However, this degree of cautiousness makes them slower than the existing buses or taxis.

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