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China to have 200,000 greener buses by 2020

The Ministry of Transport (MoT) in China has recently announced that China plans to introduce 200,000 cleaner energy buses in the urban public transport system by 2020. This means a fourfold increase from the current 50,000 environmentally friendly buses that run on the Chinese roads at the moment. 


This objective is outlined in the 13th “Five-Year” Plan (2016-2020) for China’s urban transport development. Director of MoT’s transport service department, Liu Xiaoming, said that the promotion of greener buses is crucial for China’s urban transport progress. Buses that use cleaner energies such as Liquefied Natural Gas, Compressed Natural Gas or hybrid vehicles would meet the increasing demands of urban commuters and improve cities’ air quality.



After concerted efforts for three years, some of the major cities including Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan, and Zhengzhou are frontrunners in adopting such vehicles in their public transport network.


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