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Catch the Bus Week 2016: a smart campaign not to be missed

The bus is yet again celebrated in the United Kingdom between 4 and 10 July 2016 during the annual “Catch the Bus Week” campaign. The campaign is organised by Greener Journeys and it runs for the third time this year. “Catch the bus week” aims to show people the benefits of taking the bus and ultimately change travel behaviours in the long term.


During this week people are encouraged to leave their cars at home and discover the numerous benefits of travelling by bus. Not only that taking the bus is less stressful than taking the car but it brings value to society, it is economic and green. Research commissioned by Greener Journeys from February 2016 shows that the latest models of buses deliver a 95% reduction in NOx emissions compared with 2009 bus models. Another Greener Journeys report highlights the role of buses as a driver of economic growth in the UK with every £1 invested in bus infrastructure generating up to £7 of economic benefit.


Last year, the campaign was highly successful. Almost 250 bus operators, passenger bodies, local authorities and individuals participated. A whole range of exciting events happened during the week: bus selfie competitions, bus ticket giveaways and offers, competitions to design the prefect school bus - just to name a few. Similar events are foreseen for this year’s edition as well. Not to be missed.


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