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Call for submission of smart ideas for a European multimodal journey planner

Although more than 100 journey planners already exist, there is not one yet that allows users to find information or book a ticket for a journey within Europe regardless of the number of countries or transport modes involved. This is particularly true for planners that include buses and in particular long distance coach lines.

The European Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas, laid down the challenge to industry and stakeholders to get Europeans moving differently by developing or submitting ideas for Europe-wide journey planners.  If you have an idea or a tool that is up and running you can submit it on this site - http://ec.europa.eu/transport/its/multimodal-planners/index_en.htm.


There are two categories for submissions:

  • Operational European (or at least cross-border) multimodal journey planners;
  • New bright ideas on how to develop a real European multimodal journey planner – ideally including reservation and ticketing facilities to make sure people can also book their whole journey online
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