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Busworld Kortrijk

The next Busworld Academy Seminar will be organised in Kortrijk from 16 - 21 October 2015. The aim of the seminar is to share the vision of manufacturers, operators and authorities on the future of the bus and coach industry. The overarching theme being “How will our mobility be organised in 2025 and what will the role of buses be? What does the bus of the future looks like?”


During the proceedings a large variety of interesting debates and discussion will be organised by Busworld Academy in cooperation with various organisations. IRU is heavily involved in the events as the lead partner, and is amongst other things, organising a round table entitled “Further improving the image of the bus and coach sector”.


The round table will be used to share experiences and lessons learned related to the promotional side of the bus and coach industry. Speakers will give a thorough and global overview of the situation today, as well as insights on different image campaigns and their end results.


Additionally IRU is chairing one of the main thematic debates, namely the debate for operators, which is done in cooperation with VICA.


Besides the high quality debate and round table, IRU is also hosting a stand at the venue with a diverse and less formal ‘speakers corner’ programme aimed at Busworld participants. The aim is to connect different bus&coach professionals with each other in the spirit of learning from each other in a global scale.


Truly, this year busworld offers a large scale variety of different events and a great opportunity to network and learn.




Full programme


“Further improving the image of the bus and coach sector” programme & registration



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