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Buses - India’s most popular means of transport

The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) of the Indian Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation has recently published its report “Key Indicators of Household Expenditure on Services and Durable Goods”. The report analyses data collected in the period covering July 2014 to June 2015.


According to the survey, the bulk of the household expenditure on transport was spent on buses and trams in both urban and rural areas making these the most used modes of transports in India. Around 66% households in rural areas and about 62% households in urban areas reported expenditure on these particular modes of transport. Taxis, railways and auto rickshaws also represent important means of transport accounting together with buses and trams for more than 90% of the total expenditure on transport.  


    Source: NSSO report 



   Source: NSSO report


Given these findings, it is no wonder that India is the second largest bus market globally. But, at the same time, India is also the second most populous country in the world that faces some specific transport challenges with pollution, congestion and safety being the most pressing ones. IRU is currently working together with its partners to find solutions to these mobility challenges and to bring better bus, coach and taxi services to the people of India. The IRU-initiated All India Smart Move High Level Group is currently producing specific recommendations on intermediate public transport, electromobility, as well as intercity and interstate scheduled bus and coach lines. The aim is to work out a joint vision for the creation of a sustainable transport system for India’s future.


Current challenges, as well as potential opportunities and an enabling framework for efficient, comfortable and safe buses in India will also be explored  at the jointly organised IRU – ASRTU – Busworld Academy Congress “Bus and coach – a smart move for India” to be held in Bengalore on 11-12 November 2016.


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