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BRT cuts congestion in Tanzania

The recently inaugurated Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Tanzania’s largest city, Dar es Salaam, already shows great results in terms of improving traffic flow in the city. Travellers used to spend 3 - 5 hours in the traditional crowded ‘daladalas’ – small buses owned by individuals or small companies. They can now reach their destination in 45 minutes.


Phase 1 of the BRT infrastructure covering around 21 kilometres and including five terminals, 27 stations and seven feeder stations was completed in 2015 and bus operations started in 2016. More than 100 buses are now carrying around 160,000 passengers daily. When finalised, the route will extend for 130 kilometres and it will serve around 400,000 people.


For a city expected to reach more than 10 million people by 2030 this was a much needed measure to respond to the increasing travel demand in a more sustainable manner. 

 Photo source: DART Tanzania

Learn more about the project.  


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