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Australian plan to develop public transport encourages Smart Move from cities

Taking the Smart Move High Level Group model, Australia has committed itself to a major expansion and development of its urban mobility plans. It focuses not just on public transport with increased frequencies and funding for new services, but also on improving the environment and addressing the problems caused by other transport modes too. Furthermore, the City of Adelaide has committed itself to a 10 year Smart Move Strategy.



25 March 2013 – The Federal Australian Government has just published its mobility strategy ‘Moving Australia 2013’ that has developed concrete policy recommendations worked out with industry and political stakeholders and lead by Smart Move strategic partner The Bus Industry Confederation (BIC).


This public-private approach to indentifying problems and developing sustainable transport solutions is the same model developed by the Smart Move High Level Group to produce policy recommendations to meet the Smart Move objectives within the EU and that is proving to be a highly effective mechanism and model across the globe.


The report outlines a number of recommendations for buses including extra funding to increase the hours of operation and frequency of bus services, and more national funding for improving public transport infrastructure including for multi-modal terminals.  The report also addresses a number of key mobility issues including congestion charging and car sharing introducing tax incentives to change behaviour.


Building on the work at national level the City of Adelaide has just implemented a new 10 year ‘Smart Move Strategy’ that focuses on mobility at city level. It aims to develop further green accessible public transport with improved stops and interchanges, as well as improving the look of the urban street environment, making it safer and more attractive to pedestrians and addressing the problems of other transport modes too.


The Smart Move Strategy is to be rolled out over 10 years to support the City of Adelaide’s vision: “One City, Many Places”, by further creating an accessible city with great streets and a place that people want to be in and enjoy.


The strategies address today’s mobility concerns by looking at potential future needs to make the country’s streets safer and more connected, so that Adelaide and other Australian cities are easier and more attractive for people to access and use.


Like the National strategy Adelaide city authorities worked with businesses, industry stakeholders and the local community to create the plan. By coming together they have been able to understand what works well and the things that need to be improved. The Smart Move Strategy will deliver a series of 8 recommendations to improve the way transport and people move around Adelaide.


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