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Amazon plans for “Mobile Pickup Locations” using public transit

Public transport has been part of mail delivery system since the days of the horse carriages but an Amazon patent application made public last week demonstrates a much more elaborate plan of integrating delivery services with public transportation. The patent application for “Mobile Pickup Locations” was originally submitted in February of 2014, and made public recently by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The concept would turn buses alongside trains, subways and other vehicles into mobile pickup locations.


One scenario described in the patent is basically an Amazon Locker on wheels, installed inside or attached to the outside of a bus, train or other form of transit. Customers who ride a specific route on regular basis could sign up to have a package delivered to their preferred bus, to retrieve while they’re riding. Another option for customers would be to pick up their package at a bus stop, receiving a notification by text message when their order is approaching.




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