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Alternative fuel buses – an important read for policy and business decision makers

The recently published CIVITAS Policy note ‘Smart choices for cities. Alternative fuel buses’ provides useful information to help policy makers, public transport authorities and local decision makers choose clean public bus transport. The policy note could also serve as a guide for bus fleet operators that are considering renewing their urban transport fleets.

The study identifies the most promising bus technologies for the four main possible energy souces available on the market today: fossil fuels, biofuels, electricity and hydrogen. The study finds that, “Buses running on electricity, compressed natural gas (CNG), 2nd generation biofuels, electricity and hybrid configurations combining electricity with hydrogen or diesel, are considered the most promising from a technological and environmental point of view. At the same time, with the introduction of Euro VI emission standards for diesel buses, these technologies are becoming as “clean” as their alternatives.”


The introduction of clean buses in the European cities is necessary for the achievement of the EU 2020 & 2050 targets of GHG emission reduction (20% by 2020 and 60% by 2050).


Learn more and dig into the report and its findings.


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