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ABA names smart ‘Green Operators’

21 January - Two outstanding coach companies, Anderson Coach and Travel of Greenville, Pennsylvania, and Northeast Charter and Tour Co. of Lewiston, Maine, were honoured as the recipients of ABA’s “Green Operator Award”.


The two companies were selected by their peers after an extensive review process of their day-to-day coach operations, which also included the company’s commitment to eco-driving, the use of anti-idling techniques, the safest and greenest ways to recycle oil and other engine fluids and overall business practices that promote environmental protection and awareness. 

The University of Vermont’s Certification for Sustainable Transportation programme was part of the jury. Many coach companies are seeing the value of being green, and the University of Vermont programme helps them achieve their goals, which include being a good environmental steward, reducing their overall costs, saving energy and promoting the company with the University’s eRating certification and driver training programmes.


According to environmental research done by the ABA Foundation, when compared directly to other modes of transportation, coaches provide the most fuel-efficient and cleanest means of transportation:


Source: ABA Foundation


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