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70 new green buses in Romania





Following a loan of €13 million from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the city of Pitești in Romania is planning to improve its current fleet of buses by purchasing 70 new environmentally friendly vehicles.                                     

More specifically, the authorities will replace the current fleet of buses, thus improving the overall quality of public transport. Furthermore, the loan will be used to establish an automated fare collection system on the buses.  


Jean-Patrick Marquet, the EBRD's Director for Municipal and Environmental Infrastructure, said, 'We are pleased to bring modern transport solutions to Pitești. For the residents of this city this will mean a safer, more efficient and higher-quality commute with less CO2 emissions.' 

The EBRD has invested approximately €6.5 billion in 364 projects across Romania aiming at a modern and sustainable transport infrastructure.

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