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100 reasons to ride the bus

20 November 2013 - Customers of the Milwaukee County Transit System in the U.S. were asked to give their reasons for riding the bus. Check out what they had to say and why they choose to make the Smart Move.


  1. It’s one of the benefits of living in a city: good transport to work/home/play.
  2. I've made a LOT of friends on the bus, and the bus drivers are always so friendly and nice. Way better than driving alone to work.
  3. No paying for gas, auto insurance, parking... Why wouldn't I?
  4. Peaceful ride.
  5. Grateful for the bus. I don’t drive and I’ve been using the bus since 1973.
  6. Far more convenient than driving in my commute.
  7. A morning snooze on the bus beats road rage any day.
  8. Newer, faster, cleaner buses and the money savings. Boy howdy!
  9. To save $$, to spare the environment, and I can ignore traffic and read, read, READ :)
  10. It’s a fun way to get where you need to go. You meet a lot of nice interesting people.
  12. I love how much work I can get done on the bus!
  13. It’s always warm and cozy in the winter.
  14. Great way to see the city without having to spend gas money.
  15. I ride the bus to get away & de-stress. A fun way to disappear.
  16. I fired the limo guy.
  17. To get where I need to go, I love the ride…smooth... no problems...
  18. Because it's free for me! Yay for U-PASS!
  19. My daughter bought her house with money she saved by riding the bus instead of having a car.
  20. It’s cheap and easy!
  21. MCTS helps build community!
  22. Saves me almost 6,000 USD a year, which is essential for a student with books to buy!
  23. So I can get everywhere.
  24. The money I save riding the bus will help me retire early.
  25. I ride because it beats the heck out of walking in the snow or rain.
  26. 40U to get to school.
  27. I have extra time to check my email.
  28. I hate driving ... well, other drivers.
  29. Being a long time rider allows me to encourage others to live without a car.
  30. No car repairs.
  31. Bike racks – great idea!
  32. It’s easier (and safer!) to text and ride.
  33. Because when my truck breaks I still can get around without asking for a ride. Plus u really get to see the city.
  34. I ride because it gets me to where I want to go.
  35. After a long day at work, I have time to relax.
  36. I ride the bus because it's safer for me to commute in Milwaukee. I don't drive and it gets me where I am going. As a kid growing up I always was on the bus with my mother.
  37. Independence. I can’t drive, so without the bus, I would not be able to go where I please.
  38. They run often and the system is easy to use.
  39. I try to live sustainably, and public transport reduces our reliance on oil.
  40. Less traffic congestion. Each bus carries enough people to keep several cars off the road.
  41. With the new clean diesel buses, riding the bus is even better for the environment.
  42. It saves me money and is stress-free compared to driving.
  43. I would have never gotten to go to a lot of the places I have been very fortunate to see.
  44. I like the way they smell.
  45. It's convenient and all that walking helps me stay healthy!
  46. I don't have a car, and it helps me get around :)
  47. I plan my day while I ride the bus in the morning. It helps me keep organised!
  48. Love. I met my husband while riding the bus!
  49. Because the new lines get me door to door instead of connecting routes & MCTS has the best festival shuttle service ever!
  50. I ride the bus because I'm not medically allowed to drive. The bus drivers are always very accommodating and polite.
  51. Too poor for a car.
  52. I can take my bike on the bus in the morning and ride it home for exercise.
  53. I get more time to spend with my family because we ride the bus together.
  54. I get to class on time!
  55. The bus has always gotten me to where I needed to go in a timely manner and I couldn't imagine my life without it.
  56. I like to meet new people and the bus is the perfect place!
  57. I enjoy kicking back and listening to my tunes.
  58. I volunteer at my children's school twice or three times a week, all on the bus.
  59. I am very much a bus person and am proud to be one.
  60. People-watching is great on the bus!
  61. I learn things from people I talk with on the bus – about occupations, families, places I never heard of – my world is bigger because I ride the bus.
  62. Daydream time.
  63. I take the bus every day to get to work.
  64. We are supposed to live with seven future generations in mind. Public transport provides a more sustainable future for them.
  65. It’s always cool in the summer.
  66. I like to ride the bus when I go downtown. It’s a headache to drive a car and not find parking. The bus is better!
  67. Summer festivals! I love riding with my friends and we don’t have to worry about driving.
  68. My employer offers the CVP pass. I save money and can use it all the time, not just when I go to work.
  69. I do my homework on the bus and have free time when I get home from school.
  70. When I lost my wallet riding the bus to school my driver found it. I got it back the next day. Everything was in it including the $100 bill my Mom gave me for groceries! So thankful I lost it on the bus!
  71. I ride the bus because it's Earth Friendly and Economic!
  72. It’s cheaper than owning an automobile and more reliable.
  73. Bus schedules are awesome.
  74. Because I don’t have car payments.
  75. Spacious room for strollers, wheelchairs.
  76. I ride the bus to see the sights and read a good book!
  77. Good job on the ramps on the bus.
  78. I heart my bus drivers!
  79. I learned my way around the city by taking the bus.
  80. Easier on the environment and my psychological well-being.
  81. I go to college!
  82. If it wasn't for buses I would not be able to get around.
  83. I can play words with friends on my commute.
  84. Been riding the bus a lot of years to work and to go shopping - don't like to drive so I leave that up to you guys.
  85. To get to school and not have the pain at the pump or parking issues.
  86. I don’t drink and drive!
  87. I can get to work on time every day, even with the bad weather!
  88. Because it’s a fast safe and efficient way to get between home, work and school!
  89. Drivers announce stops so I don’t miss mine!
  90. Flyer drops me off at the front door of my place of employment...no downtown parking fees!
  91. I don't have to worry about gas prices.
  92. I can relax on the way to and from work, it's easy to get Downtown and to special events, don't have to worry about parking...
  93. I take it because it’s a safe ride home from bars!
  94. I rest on the bus and by the time I get home from work I am ready to make dinner.
  95. I ride the bus because it’s a safe, fast, cheap way to Miller Park!
  96. It reduces dependency on cars!
  97. Quick trip to work, gives me time for reading or music, and I love the camaraderie with drivers and fellow riders.
  98. It makes true urban living possible.
  99. I ride the bus because it's the best way to get around town and save money! Safe, reliable and always there when I need it.
  100. I ride because I want to save the air we breathe. No gas fumes SAFE environment!

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